NFT provenance refers to the history of ownership and origin of a digital asset, serving as a guide to its authenticity and quality. It is a transparent record that includes details about the original creator and all previous owners of the NFT.

This information is permanently recorded on the blockchain, ensuring that every transaction and change in ownership is traceable and cannot be altered. Provenance is crucial for determining the value of an NFT, as it provides potential buyers with verifiable information about the item's creation and ownership history.

By leveraging blockchain technology, NFT provenance enhances transparency and trust in the digital art market, allowing artists and collectors to verify the authenticity of digital assets easily.


Check the authenticity of every nft from Thiaverse on blockchain via IPFS (Inter-Planetary-File-System). Please find provenance of each nft from Thiaverse.

  • EXODIA collection: provenance [Token: TVXD / Blockchain: Ethereum, Polygon L2]

  • QUANTUM LITE collection: [Token: TVQL / Blockchain: Ethereum, Polygon L2]

  • RELOADED collection: provenance [Token: TVRLD / Blockchain: Ethereum, Polygon L2]

  • 1-1 HARMONIZED collection: provenance [Token: WTCC / Blockchain: Ethereum]


If you want to check the provenance of a specific nft from any of the collections simply follow these steps:

  • Tap the provenance link.

  • In the case of IPFS: Use the search function (CTRL + F normally) and type the number (token id) of the nft.

  • Your browser will highlight the token id you searched for your viewing pleasure.

  • In the case of the 1-1 artwork, simply browse the collection and check the contract address. (more information will be added to this on this page as more 1-1's become minted.)